SendEarnings Closing Announcement

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Effective July 24th, 2020 SendEarnings will no longer be available

This notice has been posted as of MAY 1 2020.


As you may know, SendEarnings is a sister site to®and millions of Members have enjoyed membership on both sites, however, as of July 2 2020 the SendEarnings site will be closed permanently so that we can focus all our efforts on making InboxDollars even better!

SendEarnings Members will be given the opportunity to transfer their existing earnings from SendEarnings to their existing InboxDollars account after April 2 2020. 

Please follow the instructions on the site on how to transfer those existing funds or request payment if eligible. 

Members will have UNTIL 11:59pm (CST) ON JUNE 23, 2020 to transfer their earnings from SendEarnings to an existing InboxDollars account. 


If you do not yet have an account you may have the option as shown to create a new account on InboxDollars.   

Please note: your InboxDollars email must be the same email that is being used on the SendEarnings account. 


You will be shown the amount eligible for transfer on the account: 


Once the funds transfer is complete, you will see confirmation:


The last day to request a payment from the SendEarnings site is June 23 2020 (request must be made by 11:59pm CST). 
The last day payments processed on SendEarnings will be July 1 2020

No new signups will be permitted on SendEarnings after April 2 2020 



 As of July 2nd 2020:  Any account that has not had their earnings transferred to an InboxDollars account or had their payment processed as of July 1 2020 will loose all access to account and any earnings on the account.   Once this closure process occurs, there is no way for us to reverse this action.






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