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SendEarnings® has partnered with Tango® Card to provide members even more options for receiving their payment! 

Processing Time:

Your payments (Prepaid Visa, Merchant eCards or Check) will be processed 3-9 days after your request for GOLD members and for NON-GOLD (1st time payment) members payments are processed 10- 16 days from date of request.

Any time you request a payment during the week, it will be processed on Wednesday of the following week. The eCard Payment EMAIL for you to ORDER which eCard(s) you prefer are sent to you same day payment is processed. 

If you request an eCard please note your email with redemption link and code will be sent same day payment is processed by SendEarnings.  (Cards are not automatically mailed - you must select which eCard you prefer and all are done via the Tango eCard portal.

The Prepaid Visa option has now been added to the eCard option and are centrally located for ease of use and selection.

This means if a Member selects the ePayment option they will be sent an ePayment Email when their payment is processed and can then select either the Prepaid Visa or Merchant eCards (or get them both) the same day from the same location. 

Step 1:Request Payment

Step 2: Select the ePayment (Visa & eCards)option

Step 3: Review your information and update if needed * Use edit link if you need to update your name or mailing information

Step 4: Receive a SendEarnings Payment Request Confirmation Email (arrives to your InboxDollars assigned email address) Please note your payments are not processed the same day the payment request is made.

Note: Your processing date of the payment will be stated on the payment confirmation email.

Step 5: Payment is processed & you will receive an SenEarnings ePayment redemption link same day!

Step 6: Click the activation link in the email

Step 7: Select your merchant/donation option right away!

Step 8: Selecting Merchant Cards and amount you'd like on the card or on multiple cards. *Some cards allow an amount to be entered or require a set denomination. Click the card merchant for more information.


Card for Self: Enter in your FIRST NAME , LAST NAME & Email (where card goes)

If a Gift Card for someone else: USE their first name, last name and their email address where card is to be sent.

Step 9: Confirm your ecard purchase by selecting Check Out

Step 10: Your reward confirmation of selection made

Step 11: Your eCard email with Redemption link arrives to your personal email !

Simply click the link and your merchant ecard can be used right away, print it off and use online later, or download to your phone for in-store purchase.


Step 12: Receive a confirmation of purchase

Members will have access to over 50 Merchants and donation options in addition to the flexibility and 24/7 access to your funds to order cards anytime!

Feeling generous?

Members can also elect to have their earnings purchase 'Gift' cards to send to others! More information on the Tango Card site!

If you can't find it in the TANGO FAQ you can contact the support team at TANGO Card!

Please feel free to contact them by phone at 1-877-55-TANGO (82646) between 8AM - 5PM (PST), Monday through Friday. Or send an email to They will respond to all messages within one (1) business day.

 Tango Card is not a sponsor of the rewards or otherwise affiliated with [InboxDollars]. The logos and other identifying marks attached are trademarks of and owned by each represented company and/or its affiliates.  Please visit each company's website for additional terms and conditions.

 SendEarnings has a $3.00 processing fee for any payment selected but there is NO Additional fees for any ecard option selected unless ordering MAILED VISA.

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