Merchants List (ePayment) Store Gift Cards

Ellie -

When your payment is processed and you have elected the SendEarnings eCard you will receive an email on payment processing day that will have an activation code and Pin number for you to use

Payment options will be made available to Members as displayed on the Request Payment page. Not all accounts will be eligible for the ePayment option (Merchant cards and prepaid Visa). Options for payment will be as shown on the account. Alternative options will be PayPal® and Check.

Once you click the link who can see what options are available for you to choose from on the site but a sample would look like this:


There will also be the option to order multiple cards if your balance meets the minimum amount per card offered so you can the cards you want or GIVE AS GIFTS!

There will also be the option to DONATE your earnings to charities as listed on the site as well





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