New Payment Options

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SendEarnings has 3 great ways to get your earnings!

Check Payments:

Checks are mailed through the U. S. Postal Service so please allow up to two weeks for your payment to arrive. Delivery time depends on many factors, including your geographic location, seasonal increases in mail volume, and is totally dependent upon the U.S. Postal Service.

If you have not received your payment within 14 business days, click on "My Account" and "My Profile" and scroll down to "Payment History" to ensure your check was processed.(Members must have an active account to have payments processed). If active and you have not received payment, please allow delivery time from your post office, and/or check with them to ensure your mail is being delivered.

The payout feature will only work if your account balance is greater than $30.00.

Once requested your earnings will be visible in ‘details’ and updated to pending until your payment is actually processed. PrePaid Visa® Cash Cards are processed by Swift.

SendEarnings charges a $3.00 processing fee per payment request.

Processing time does not include mailing time for checks or for ordered mailed Prepaid Visa Cards so please allow for mail delivery for checks.  

You will receive a confirmation email with date of expected processing date of payment at the time you confirm your payment request.

SendEarnings eCards

Members can expect to see a SendEarnings email the same day their payment is processed which allows members to order and receive their TANGO® Card same day!

Please allow this email to arrive to your account sometime by or before 3pm Central Time. 

Members will have the option to create an account and select merchant (store/gift) cards or Members can select the card(s) right away without having to create an account. 

Account holders with Tango® Card can also bank their earnings and cash out for even higher merchant amounts! Save up future SendEarnings dollars and get BIGGER results!

Members can also "gift" their earnings and send via email to friends and family as gifts.

*Make sure you are using the SendEarnings email assigned to the account to ensure proper tracking and money transfers if electing to create accounts.

PrePaid Visa®:

Members can expect to see an email the same day payment is processed and will be coming from Tango with your redemption link and code to access your Prepaid Visa. 

Please allow this email to arrive to your account sometime by or before 3pm Central Time. 

Members must create an account and then order/select either a PrePaid Visa® Virtual (Electronic Card) or the Prepaid Visa® MAILED card.  Cards are not ordered for members. Members will need to order which card they prefer.

The Prepaid Visa® provider will charge an additional $3.00 for a mailed card.

There is NO additional fee for the Virtual Prepaid Visa® card.

The Prepaid Visa is not Reloadable and cannot be used at ATM for cash. 

The Prepaid Visa can be used anywhere Visa is accepted (Some restrictions may apply)

Members cannot change their payment choice once they confirm and request a payment to be processed under any circumstances. 

NOTE: we will be launching the new feature to a small group of members to make sure the experience is just right before launching to all. We expect to have all options available to all members by November 1st.


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