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Submitting W9:


When emailing the W9, please make the subject line states "W9".  This will ensure delivery and receipt.  InboxDollars will not open attachments without indicating W9 in the subject line.  Send to: Offers@inboxDollars.com




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About Cash in Your Account

  • You can earn Cash which is posted to your Account as described in the other sections of these Terms and Conditions, and which is subject to your compliance with all Terms and Conditions. Your Account, including any Cash or other credits in your Account, is non-transferable and non-assignable, and may not be pooled, lent, sold, or exchanged. We may change rules about requesting payments equal to the Cash balance or redeeming other credits in your Account at any time and such changed rules will apply to Cash already posted to your Account as well as to Cash to be posted in the future. You may request payment equal to the Cash balance of your Account (also referred to as “redeeming” Cash) only as permitted by these Terms and Conditions. Redeeming Cash and receipt of any corresponding payment by you is contingent upon your: (1) full compliance with these Terms and Conditions generally; (2) receipt of your request for us to convert the Cash in your Account to a payment, and (3) compliance with the specific rules or terms then in effect for the particular redemption offer. Further, the Cash in your Account may be cancelled at any time pursuant to these Terms and Conditions and represents (1) only a method by which we track your Cash Earning Activities and (2) a contingent liability by us, unless and until final payment occurs on the corresponding payment instrument we deliver to you pursuant to these Terms and Conditions.



Tax Matters: You are responsible for any and all tax liability arising from or associated with your use of this Website, including liability arising from your accrual of Cash or your redemption of Cash for cash or other items. We will require you to provide necessary tax information about yourself prior to receiving payment when requesting payment greater than $300 at one time or cumulatively during a calendar year. InboxDollars® will file a 1099 tax form for any Member who earns $600 or greater in one calendar year from our company, InboxDollars, Inc.

Returns and Reversals

Any time you return a purchased item for which you received Cash in your Account, and any time you void, cancel, rescind, or reverse any Cash Shopping transaction for which you received Cash in your Account, SendEarnings® may subtract a corresponding amount of Cash from your Account. Similarly, if any Advertiser notifies us that it is reversing its transaction with you for any reason on any of our Cash generating activities, we will subtract a corresponding amount of Cash from your Account. A pattern of completing Offers followed by reversals is considered fraudulent activity, and may result in the termination of your InboxDollars® account and forfeiture of your Cash earnings and referrals

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