Inactive Accounts/Cleaned Accounts

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A Member’s Account may be set to inactive for any of the following reasons:

  1. Invalid Email Address

    If SendEarnings® receives a bounce-back error message or similar message when sending an Email to a Member, then that Member’s Account will be set to inactive. A bounce-back message may occur if the Member has added SendEarnings® to their “Ignore List” or marked a message from SendEarnings® as SPAM, or for other reasons. Members should add the address to their “Allow List” and/or Address Book.

  2. Failure to Remain Active

    If a Member does not visit any one of our Service Platforms while being logged in or confirm a PaidEmail® at least one time within a 10-day period, their Account may become inactive. SendEarnings® reserves the right to change this number at any time.

  3. Payment Requests

    Payment Requests are removed if a Member’s Account becomes inactive. The automated system that deactivates Members based on the above criteria runs immediately prior to payment requests being processed. Therefore, it is possible for a Member’s Account to be active right up until the moment before their payment is processed. SendEarnings® urges Members to ensure their Account remains active in order to avoid any delay in processing payments.

  4. Reactivation

    If a Member’s Account becomes inactive, they can reactivate it within 6 months of the Account being placed on inactive status by logging into the Member’s Section and requesting a Confirmation Email be sent to them. When the Member clicks the link provided in the Confirmation Email, their Account will be reactivated.

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