How does Radio Work?

Samantha -

RadioLoyalty is a great way to enjoy music while earning credit! 


Members will find RadioLoyalty located on the menu bar name MORE. Click the MORE link and you will be directed to the RadioLoyalty banner.

Click on the RadioLoyalty banner to be directed to the members radio listening page.  Select the music category you like to listen on the right side of the page. 


Every 10-15 minutes you will be presented with a code.  Enter in the code and you will earn 1 cent for every code entered as a reward for listening!

It's that easy!

If a code box does not appear, simply close the browser and refresh and start again. Since you are streaming via your computer browser or server delays can occur.

Radioloyalty earnings can only be obtained by entering in the code and verification by the Radio provider.


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