Coupons - Save at the store and get credit!

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Powered by, we are now offering hundreds of valuable coupons offering savings on your favorite products.  These coupons can be redeemed at a variety of merchants. 

In addition to the wonderful savings you will get from grocery shopping with coupons on the site, you will also receive an SendEarnings Reward back! 

Your account will be credited $1.00 for every 10 coupons redeemed.

Here is how it works and how you are rewarded!

  1. Print the coupons you wish to use.
  2. Redeem your coupons with any merchant that accepts coupons.
  3. The merchant sends their coupons on a weekly basis to the store's corporate headquarters.  At the headquarters, the coupons are processed, boxed, and shipped to a third-party clearing house.
  4. Coupons arrive at the clearing house.  Here they are sorted, scanned and then sent to the manufacture.
  5. You are credited $1.00 for every 10 coupons redeemed!  Because of the long and involved process, it will take 3 months to receive your SendEarnings credit.

Note:  Non/US members are not eligible.

Printing Question or Issue? 

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