Peanut Lab Transaction Page

Elizabeth -

Peanut Labs has created the Transaction page for SendEarnings members which allows you to select a survey, track your progress, or reach out and request assistance with Peanut Labs.

One of the best ways to find those surveys that are a closer match for you is to complete the Peanut Lab Profiler.

Select Peanut Labs from the SendEarnings page and then complete the profiler.

Follow Step 1 - 30 and once you are done, Peanut Labs can find those closer matched surveys for you to help with those qualifications and survey completions for credit!

The following questions help Peanut Labs create your profile. Your answers are kept anonymous, and are used to find surveys that are a good fit for you.

Once you complete your profile, you'll be ready to start taking surveys to earn more $. Hooray!


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