What are PaidEmails®?

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SendEarnings® sends PaidEmail® messages based on your activity in our program. Members who actively participate may receive up to 3 PaidEmails® per day however, this amount can change and are not always daily.  Members who do not actively participate may not receive any PaidEmails®.

Members will receive up to $.02 cents for each confirmed PaidEmail.

These emails inform members about the latest product and service offers from our advertisers and partners.

PaidEmail® messages are always targeted by geographic location. Thus, members in the United States receive more PaidEmail® messages than other countries due to advertiser demand.

PaidEmail® messages are also targeted by other demographics listed in your Member Profile, so it is important to keep your personal information accurate and current.

Members are credited for confirming they have read their PaidEmail® messages. SendEarnings® sends different types of PaidEmails®, some can be confirmed directly from the link within the email, while others require a subsequent action by the member.

Follow the instructions in each PaidEmail® to be sure you are credited properly.

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