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What is SendEarnings® Cash Shopping?

Cash Shopping gives you a percentage cash back just for shopping online through SendEarnings®. Simply choose a store, make a purchase and receive cash back credited to your SendEarnings® account. Check out our featured stores first to get the most cash back!

When will I be credited for my purchase?

Your SendEarnings® account is credited as soon as the store reports your purchase to us, which can occasionally take up to 30 business days. This is dependent on the store’s policies and your method of payment.

If you have not received credit to your SendEarnings® account within 30 business days, please feel free to contact us via "Live Assistance".

Our Member Services department can assist you with any questions in regards to your SendEarnings® account but you will need to contact the store with any questions in regards to your purchase.

SendEarnings® is a separate business from the stores you are linked to through our site. When you choose a store, you are directed to that store’s website and must adhere to their terms and agreements. SendEarnings® does not have your account information or the terms and agreements you’ve made with any stores. Save or print any pertinent information, including your invoice, should you need to contact the store with any questions.

How can I make sure I am credited for my purchases?

To ensure you receive credit for your purchase, please follow the instructions below.

Enable Cookies

Our tracking relies on cookies to function. If you do not have cookies enabled, our stores will not know you made your purchase through SendEarnings®. This means that the store will not be able to notify SendEarnings® of your purchase and we will not be able to give you credit for your purchase.

Enable Pop-ups

Store websites typically open in new browser windows for your convenience. Thus, you need to have popups enabled for the SendEarnings® Cash Shopping site to function properly.

Please make sure that your security software (anti-virus software) does not override this feature.

Order Online

You must link to the store’s website through the SendEarnings® Cash Shopping link to make your purchases. If you make your purchases over the phone, the store has no way to track your SendEarnings® membership and your Cash Shopping purchase. They are then unable to notify SendEarnings® of your purchase and therefore we are unable to give you credit for your purchase.
Do Not Bookmark

You cannot bookmark the store website and return later to make your purchase because you will go directly to the store’s site rather than being directed there as a member of SendEarnings®. This means that the store will not be able to notify SendEarnings® of your purchase and we will not be able to give you credit for your purchase.

Complete Spyware Scan

Make sure you are not infected with Spyware. One of the main features of Spyware applications is to "hijack" referral information. For example, if you click on a store from the SendEarnings® Cash Shopping page and are infected with Spyware, the Spyware application overwrites our tracking information with their own. Thus, the creator of the Spyware application is credited for the transaction and thus we are unable to credit you.

Can I earn Cash back for my friends' and family members' purchases?

Absolutely! However, Cash Shopping is only available to SendEarnings® members. Your friends and family will not be able to directly access Cash Shopping unless they also sign up to be a member. You can refer them to SendEarnings® and then you will receive a credit equivalent to 10% of the cash back amount they earned from Cash Shopping. Your friends and family will earn cash back on purchases they make and you will earn cash every time they make a purchase. Learn more about our Referral Rewards by visiting our Referral Center

What are cash shopping coupons and how do I use them?

Cash Shopping Coupon codes are an electronic version of the coupons you would cut out in a newspaper and bring to a store. They are used when you check out and purchase your items, too.

When offered, coupon codes are displayed along with each relating item. Highlight and copy the coupon code you are interested in using, select your items and proceed to check out to make your purchase. While entering your payment information, there will be an area to enter your coupon code. Do so and you will receive the savings associated with each coupon code. Each store’s site will have a different look and different purchase procedures, but each will be clearly marked as to where to enter your coupon code.

When you choose a store listed on Cash Shopping, you are directed to that store’s website, which is separate from SendEarnings®. The coupons listed here are subject to the terms and conditions of each individual store so SendEarnings® cannot guarantee the validity or availability of the coupons.

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