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Cash Offers cannot be completed with SendEarnings® more than once.

Additionally, if you have previously completed the Cash Offer (either through another web site or with the advertiser directly), you will not be credited for completing the Cash Offer through SendEarnings®. Advertisers pay SendEarnings® for first-time customers only.

This only applies to Cash Offers, and does not apply to Cash Shopping, Cash Surveys, or Cash Games.

Unless the Cash Offer description specifically states that you must remain past the free trial in order to be credited, then you will receive credit from SendEarnings® for signing up for the free trial. Canceling the free trial after the trial date will not affect your credit from SendEarnings® but you must keep the trial the duration specified.

Descriptions of offers are found on the offer and PaidEmail.

Some advertisers may not provide credit if you cancel immediately after signing up for the free trial without even taking the opportunity to receive their product/service so you could evaluate it.

You should not complete a Cash Offer just to receive your reward if you have no plan to continue using the advertiser's product or service beyond the free trial.

The idea behind SendEarnings® is to reward our members for trying products and services from our advertisers.

Our members benefit because they learn about new products and services and are rewarded for doing so, and our advertisers benefit because they generate a new customer for a fixed cost.


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