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How much can I earn with Referrals?

Referral Rewards are instant and continuous!

  1. You’ll instantly be credited 10% of the Qualified Earnings* received by your referrals.
  2. There is no limit on the amount of referrals you can have or the amount of cash you can earn from your referrals. The more referrals you have the more you are rewarded!
  3. The instant your referral receives a Qualified Earning*, your account will be credited and can be viewed on your Current Earnings page. You will not receive an email each time your account is credited. However, you will receive a weekly email recapping the earnings you received for that week from your referrals.

A Qualified Earning is any credit to your referrals’ account in which you receive 10% of the earnings.

  1. You will be credited 10% of your referrals’ earnings for the following:
    • Completing offers
    • Taking surveys other than Profile Surveys
    • Playing games
    • Shopping online
    • Completing Tasks
    • Redeeming Coupons
  2. You will not be credited 10% of your referrals’ earnings for the following:
    • Sign up bonus
    • Reading Paid Email® messages
    • Profile Surveys
    • Cash Searches

How do I refer Friends?

Use any of the two easy options below to refer your friends to SendEarnings®. When they sign up and start earning cash, you’ll be credited 10% of their Qualified Earnings!

  1. The easiest and most effective way to refer your friends is by visiting our Referral Center, which can be found on the Member Navigation menu. Enter your friends’ name and email address and click the “Refer your Friends” button at the end of the form. We’ll send your friends a personalized email so they can sign up! You can also use the Referral Center to add a banner to your website.

A second option is to give your friends your personal referral URL, which is displayed at the top of the Referral Banners page. Your friends can easily use this link and sign up!


Note: Please note that SendEarnings only permits 1 account per household, per computer, per individual. Having more than 1 account per these terms can result in the loss of the account(s) and earnings.

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