How do I cancel my Membership?

Elizabeth -

SendEarnings will be sad to see you leave us but we understand that sometimes Members need to leave.  If you must cancel your membership/account you can do so by going to the My Account on the menu bar and select 'Cancel Account' option.

Confirm that you want to cancel your membership and the account will be closed.

The account will remain in our system for 6 months which will give you the option of re-activating your account however, at 6 months without activity the account will be 'Cleaned'. 

The Clean Account process is automated so once it occurs your earnings are removed. 

More information is available in our terms of membership.


Section IV. Permanent Removal

If a Member does not visit our website while being logged in or confirm a PaidEmail® at least one time within a 6-month period, their Account will be permanently removed and all Cash or other items accrued will be forfeited. In the event of a death of any Member, such Member’s Account is automatically and immediately terminated, and all Cash or other items accrued in such Account are forfeited.


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